• Large SUVs: 3 Pros and Cons to Factor Into Your Decision

    Buying large SUVs have both positive and negative consequences. Big SUVs have their reasons you should buy them, but on the other side of the argument, you have added costs and environmental problems that arise from having a large vehicle.


    Room and Seat CapacityThe biggest advantage to buying a large SUV is the room it provides. The SUV seat capacity on a large SUV usually will be between seven and nine passengers. That is not even including the space for cargo in the trunk. There is usually a large space in the back for groceries, sports equipment, and other things. Some of these SUVs allow you to store goods under the car in secret compartments.


    The last pro is the handling of an SUV. It allows you to go off road, drive through many conditions such as snow and ice, while staying safe.


    Rolling Over

    There are a few downsides to larger SUVs. First, the larger the SUV, the more prone it is to rolling over. There are safety precautions put into place such as rollover sensors, electronic stability control, and others that are supposed to aid you in a rollover. However, if you are going too fast, these measures won’t help much.

    Gas Mileage

    Another con is the gas mileage. The bigger the vehicle, typically the lower fuel economy it gets. This is due to a number of factors including weight and aerodynamics.


    One last con would be the emissions. Large SUVs typically have more emissions than regular sized SUVs or cars, and this only hurts our environment.