• Hybrid Car Cons: Drawbacks To Know Before Buying

    Along with all the pros, we have to consider hybrid car cons too. Hybrid cars are the wave of the future. They offer wonderful value for money, are easy to maintain, save on petroleum and reduce pollution too. But there are disadvantages too of buying a hybrid car, and here is where you have to decide. Take a look at this list of hybrid car cons before you decide to buy the model.

    Cost Factors and Hybrid Car Pricing

    Hybrid cars have two engines that run on electricity and gas alternatively. The cars naturally have to be priced higher to cover the cost of installing twin engines in the cars. Normally, hybrid cars are priced about $3,000-$5,000 more than normal cars. The cost is also estimated to increase in the next few years. But the Federal government is now trying to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric cars by offering rebates. These rebates are however not applicable on all hybrid car models, so check again before you buy.

    Battery Drawbacks

    Each of these hybrid cars run on metal hydride batteries. These are really dangerous in case of an accident. When the batteries are damaged during accidents, you could very likely kill the person inside due to the components and the problems of exposed high voltage wires. The cars also need a new battery every 150/k-200/k. Each battery pack costs about $4,500-$8,000. This expenditure may turn out to be really expensive in the long run.

    Heating Problems

    Electric engines don’t really heat the interior of the car well and neither do they offer appropriate cooling. As a result, you will notice that in hot or cold regions, your car will automatically switch to the gasoline engine so the car can be heated or cooled appropriately. This will completely negate the savings of gas you had expected from a hybrid car.

    Servicing and Hybrid Car Maintenance

    Servicing your hybrid car is difficult too as it requires an expert technician. Not all garage technicians will have the capability of carrying out the repairs by themselves. The replacement parts too are expensive and can be sourced only from the company.

    Acceleration and Speed

    The electric engine does not work the same way as a gasoline powered one. You will note that the hybrid car cannot accelerate fast or even climb slopes well. This is because of the electric engine. You may have to shift over to the gasoline engine to get you more speed. This will again increase your fuel expenditure. Another problem is that the car is made with lightweight body parts to compensate for the weight of the batteries. But this also increases the tendency for accidents, and serious damage may occur during accidents.

    New and Untested Technology

    The cars are relatively new in technology and design. As a result, they are fraught with problems. If a new problem arises then it might take the manufacturers quite a long time to come up with a solution. But this should not dissuade you from buying hybrid cars, as problems can be solved too.