• How to Research a Used Jaguar XJR

    The Jaguar XJR is a specialized vehicle that was part of a product line sold between 1994 and 1997 that also included the XJ6 and XJ8, and a used Jaguar XJR can be a very good used car in today’s market. The Jaguar XJR was one of the first “supercharged” cars made by the manufacturer, with a 3.2 or 4.0 6-cylinder engine.

    Here are some tips on how to research a used Jaguar XJR:

    • Take a look at Jaguar history sites – the official Jaguar website offers some product details including reviews and awards, and searches for Jaguar cars by global region. Other sites, including large auto info sites, collector’s pages, and more, can offer specific details about what made the XJR so special.
    • Use the Kelley Blue Book site for an evaluation of value – the Kelley Blue Book site is a nearly universal way of valuing autos including specialized ones like the Jaguar XJR. Enter location, mileage, model specs, year, and features, and you will come up with one of several valuations that help buyers and sellers fix an accurate value on a vehicle.
    • Run vehicle history reports – another thing you may want to do is run the vehicle through CarFax to see if the Jaguar XJR you’re looking at has ever been wrecked or otherwise compromised. A salvage title is another way to see that this vehicle is damaged goods.
    • Ask about maintenance – when doing the test drive, ask about how the previous owner has maintained the vehicle. It may be a good idea to ask them if they know of a reputable Jaguar shop in the area, as these vehicles can be a little less easy for the average mechanic to work on, and if yours is a XJR, it will probably be needing maintenance of some kind due to age.