• How To Get A Used Car Estimate

    If you are looking to sell, trade-in or buy a used vehicle, you should know how to get a used car estimate. Determining the value of a used car is not a guessing game, and knowing a used estimate car price should greatly help anybody looking to buy or sell a used car. To get an idea of the value of a certain car, you do not have to spend money. There are reliable services which you can use that will give you a free car estimate. Whether you are looking into buying used cars or just want to get a ballpark idea about how much your vehicle is worth, a used car estimate will give you a good starting point.

    The easiest way to get a free estimate is by using the Internet. Three of the best websites to visit are:

    These websites offer easy and convenient ways to get an estimate car price. All you have to do is enter some information about the car in question.

    To get an accurate estimate on the vehicle of your choice, you should know the following things:

    • Make, model, and year
    • Color
    • Options the car has (leather seats, cd player, sunroof, automatic transmission, etc.)
    • Amount of mileage
    • Cosmetic condition
    • Functional condition

    When you visit one of these car evaluation websites, you will be asked to:

    • Enter your zip code, and then you will proceed to
    • Enter specific information about the car.

    Each website will give you different estimates for the vehicle, so it may be wise to use each website to compare the different results and gain a better idea of the car’s value.

    • The websites will give you an estimate based on the car’s condition.
    • For example, kbb.com will give you prices for the car in “excellent”, “good”, and “fair” conditions. Edmunds.com and nadaguides.com offer similar estimate layouts.

    In addition to estimates based on the car’s condition, each website will give you different estimates based on the vehicle’s method of exchange.

    • For example, kbb.com and edmunds.com will give you estimates for a car’s suggested retail price, private party price, and trade-in price.
    • The suggested retail price, or dealer price, is the highest value listed, and it is the amount of money you should expect to spend if you were buying the car on a dealer’s lot.
    • The private party price reflects the amount of money that a private seller could expect to get for the car and how much a buyer should expect to pay when purchasing from a private seller.
    • Finally, the trade-in price estimates the amount of money you’ll get if you trade the car in for a another vehicle at a dealership.

    Aside from websites, there are other ways to get used car estimates. You can simply take the vehicle to a car dealer or a mechanic and ask them how much the car may be worth. However, the Internet makes things very easy and convenient, so be sure to take advantage of it when looking for an estimate on a used car.