• How To Find a Used Jaguar XJR For Sale

    The pursuit of an used Jaguar XJR should start with a basic internet search.

    • Go to www.autos.com for reviews and specs.
    • Then visit the Kelley Blue Book website, (www.kbb.com) to see the market price for the particular year and model of the used Jaguar XJR you wish to buy.

    Introduced in 1995 the Jaguar XJR was based on the elegant XJ6. A four door sedan, the Jaguar XJR came with a 326 horsepower (hp) supercharged version of the 3.3 liter straight-6.

    Once you know the price you are willing to pay for your used Jaguar XJR, it is time to start your search.

    • The Jaguar XJR was never produced in large numbers so a search for a local used Jaguar XJR for sale will most probably be limited to a few examples at best.
    • For a comprehensive search think “national.” Start with www.cars.com and www.autotrader.com. These nationwide sites are user friendly and are among your best choices for finding an used Jaguar XJR, along with “eBay.” eBay is an online auction, so beware of prices spiraling beyond market price.
    • The Jaguar XJR maintains a status as a high-end luxury car, so do not neglect to search higher-end sites such as www.dupontregistry.com and the dedicated Jaguar classified, www.jaguartraderonline.com.
    • The best place to search for a used Jaguar XJR is at Jaguar itself. Jaguar maintains a large inventory of well maintained used Jaguar XJRs. Their website in the U.S., www.jaguarusa.com, can provide a list of used Jaguar XJRs that are available at their local dealerships, as well as nationwide.
    • There are many websites where Jaguar owners congregate to discuss issues relating to their Jaguar and also buy and sell their cars. These are excellent places to find good deals on an used Jaguar XJR. The most popular sites are the Jaguar Club of North America, www.jcna.com and www.jaguarforums.com.

    With the wealth of online resources listed above, you can certainly find the best used Jaguar XJR for you.