• Honda CRV Hybrid: A Pricing and Mileage Comparison Guide

    Despite the ample requests from customers and environmentally-conscious car afficionados around the world, Honda has yet to manufacture a model of the Honda CRV hybrid. Rumors extending back to 2007 pegged the CRV for a hybrid reconstruction in order to improve the Honda CRV gas mileage and to modify the Honda CRV diesel engine model as well. Unfortunately, there is no standard hybrid model of this car available as of 2010. Instead, Honda has focused its energies on expanding its selection of hybrid models to include sedans and other compact cars; the Honda CRV is a compact vehicle, but it is an SUV. Nonetheless, read on for a pricing and mileage comparison guide for different trim models of the Honda CRV.

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    The Honda CRV LX

    The LX is the standard model of the Honda CRV. It comes listed at an MSRP of about $22,300, with the dealer invoice listing at just shy of $20,000. After dealer incentives and other rebates, you may be able to purchase a new 2010 model of the Honda CRV LX for just a few thousand or hundred dollars shy of this price tag. These prices are set up for the 2 wheel drive model of the Honda CRV LX. The 4 wheel drive Honda CRV LX is typically priced at $1,000 to $2,500 more expensive than the prices listed here, for your reference as you consider which vehicle to purchase.

    The Honda CRV LX gets generally very good mileage for an SUV. It is rated in the mid-20 level for miles per gallon, compared with other SUVs of a larger size that tend to be well below 20 miles per gallon.

    The Honda CRV EX

    The EX is the upgraded model of the Honda CRV. It contains the same engine and other functional parts that the Honda CRV LX model has, but this trim model of the Honda CRV also has tinted windows, disc changer, sun roof and a variety of other optional add-ons. These contribute to raising the price of the vehicle, although they don’t impact the mileage rating at all. Thus, the price of a 2 wheel drive Honda CRV EX is listed at MSRP of about $23,500, while the 4 wheel drive model is listed about $1,000 more expensive than this. The dealer invoice for the 2 wheel drive version of the EX is around $22,000.

    The Honda CRV EX-L

    The EX-L is the luxury model of the Honda CRV. Again, it contains the same drivetrain and engine specs as the LX and the EX models of the Honda CRV. What adjusts the price in the Honda CRV EX-L, however, is the addition of a number of luxury add-ons. These include leather and heated seats, climate control, upgraded sound system and more. Navigation systems are optional with EX-L models of the Honda CRV. The 2 wheel drive model is listed at MSRP $26,000 with dealer invoice at $24,300.

    Take a closer look at the Honda CRV >>