• Honda CRV Blue Book Values for Common Mileage and Conditions

    The Honda CRV is one of the best selling compact size SUVs in the United States. Honda CRV reviews consistently rate this vehicle as one of the best performing and best designed cars for its price range. It provides an excellent mixture of the power and maneuverability of the SUV with the compact size and price tag of a smaller car. The CRV was designed off of the Civic model, so it has its roots in a smaller sedan type vehicle. Nonetheless, the CRV is still a powerful and agile vehicle. If you’re planning on selecting a used or new Honda CRV, it’s best to take a look at Honda CRV value sites and the Kelley Blue Book for listings of the vehicle in your area. The price of a used CRV is highly dependent upon the overall condition of the vehicle.

    Unless otherwise indicated, all prices and listings below are for 2009 models of the Honda CRV. Naturally, older models of the vehicle will have a lower resale value and trade in value. 2007 was a particularly difficult year for CRVs due to an unusual problem with the tires that caused them to wear out faster than expected, so 2007 vehicles may have an even lower resale value than expected. For more information, check out the Kelley Blue Book in order to research prices of Honda CRVs from different years.

    Honda CRV LX

    A Honda CRV LX, the standard issue Honda CRV trim model, retails for lower than other versions of the CRV with added optional luxury accessories. An LX with about 10,000 miles and in excellent condition can be expected to sell for around $24,000. A good condition LX of this type and year will typically start at about $22,900, while a fair condition LX of this type can be expected to go for around $22,300.

    In contrast, an excellent LX with about 50,000 miles on it will usually retail for somewhere around $18,400. A good condition LX with the same number of miles and for the same model year will usually start at around $17,200. Finally, a fair condition LX with 50,000 miles on it is typically offered for around $15,600.

    Honda CRV EX

    The EX is the upgraded version of the CRV. EX models with about 10,000 miles on them typically sell for an additional $1,000 over the cost of a comparable condition LX; an excellent EX at this mileage will retail for around $25,000, while a good one sells for about $24,000 and a fair condition EX with this many miles goes for around $23,000.

    In comparison, the EX also depreciates in value with added miles; 50,000 miles on an excellent condition EX usually brings the price down to about $19,500. The other prices tend to correspond in the downward direction as the condition of the vehicle decreases.