• Honda Civic Blue Book Values for Common Mileage and Conditions

    If you’re looking to buy a Honda Civic, there are quite a few points to research and consider that could help you to make the best purchase for your money. Most information is available online, free of charge. You can locate articles and videos that help you determine which features are most appealing to you and what to expect in the way of safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. Once you’ve pinpointed a few vehicles of choice, you can get more detailed information by searching specifics on Honda Civic value and prior history for the particular car.

    Kelley Blue Book

    Kelley Blue Book has long been known as the place to check for the value of your vehicle. When shopping for a Honda Civic, you’ll want to check the value either in print or online. This information is important to have when making a purchase, to make sure you’re not overpaying for a vehicle. Additionally, banks and other financial institutions have certain policies when loaning money for a used vehicle. Knowing the Blue Book value and purchasing accordingly will give you a better chance at securing a loan to cover the cost of the vehicle.

    Honda Civic Blue Book Values

    Blue Book values vary depending upon several factors. Once you know the year of the Honda Civic you’re thinking of buying, you can check for retail, trade-in and private party values for the car. Retail value is what you can expect to pay when you purchase your Honda Civic from a car dealership. Trade-in value is the amount you’ll likely be offered to trade your vehicle for another car. Private Party value is an estimate of what private sellers could expect to receive for sale of that particular car. Condition of a vehicle will come into play as well. Here are a few examples of what to expect for the value of certain Honda Civic vehicles:

    • A 2008 Honda Civic DX Sedan, 4-door, 4-cylinder, automatic transmission in excellent condition with 40,000 miles and a few added features, such as power steering, power locks and tilt wheel has a suggested trade-in value of about $9,000.
    • A 2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe, 2-door, 4-cylinder, standard transmission in good condition with 80,000 miles and several upgraded features such as premium sound, multiple CD changer, sunroof and leather interior has a suggested private party value of about $8,000.
    • A 1990 Honda Civic CRX 2-door hatchback, 4-cylinder, automatic transmission in excellent condition with 120,000 miles and only standard features has a suggested retail value of just over $2,000.

    Additional Information

    Other research can be done on any particular Honda Civic model that you’re thinking of buying. Many websites, including Kelley Blue Book and CARFAX offer resources for checking Honda Civic mpg, customer reviews, feature expectations, recall information, rebates and incentives, specifications, photos and pricing. You may also find tools to help you locate a dealer in your area, find Honda Civics for sale near you, purchase a car online and even secure a great deal on a car loan.