• Four Reliable American SUV Models that Consumers Love

    The words American SUV are so closely linked up that it’s easy to forget that these hulking, heavy and powerful vehicles are also manufactured elsewhere in the world. Some of the best SUV models have seen their heyday in the United States, and you’ll have the best selection of used SUV value if you shop in the US as well.

    Number 1 — Ford Escape

    The Escape is Ford’s small size SUV. This vehicle has excellent handling and gets very good gas mileage ratings compared with other larger SUVs.

    Number 2 — Ford Expedition

    The Expedition is Ford’s larger model SUV, and the bigger version of the Escape. This vehicle is consistently rated amongst the highest of all SUVs, American or otherwise. It has a wide array of trim types to suit every need and budget level, and enjoys comparably decent gas mileage and excellent power.

    Number 3 — Chevrolet Tahoe

    Chevrolet’s Tahoe is the standard model full size SUV from this manufacturer. It is routinely in competition with the Expedition at the top of the lists of American full size SUVs.

    Number 4 — Chevrolet Suburban

    The Suburban is an unorthodox full size SUV from Chevrolet that is based on the design of a truck. The Suburban is highly rated but features a number of differences from the other SUVs on this list, including the total passenger capacity and the spaciousness of the interior.

    If you’re interested in any of these or other American SUVs, ask a dealer in your area for additional information and to schedule a test drive.