• Five Types of Toyota Tundra Trim Models Available

    When it debuted in 2000, there was only a single Tundra trim package available. The first generation Tundra was considered too small and underpowered by most buyers to provide any sort of competition in the truck market. Now there are 3 different passenger cab sizes, 3 different bed lengths and 3 different engine packages available, as well as TRD, or Toyota Racing Development models, available. This article will list these various trim levels and some of the major differences between them. They will be listed by passenger cab size. Lastly, the various engines will be listed with the models they are available in.

    Regular Cab

    The regular cab is considered the most basic of all models. This model is a normal 2-door, 3 passenger truck configuration. The regular cab model Toyota Tundra is available with 2 bed options:

    • A 6.5 foot bed length
    • The longer 8 foot bed length

    Double Cab

    The double cab is basically a large extended cab, but with 4 forward-hinged doors, instead of the center-opening style currently so much in favor. The Tundra Double Cab is now as large as crew cabs available from most of the competition. This model is considered a medium-sized truck. The Toyota Tundra Double Cab is also available with 2 bed-size options:

    • The normal 6.5 foot bed length
    • The longer 8 foot bed length

    Tundra CrewMax

    The last cab option is the CrewMax. This is basically an extra-large crew cab, with the center-opening style doors. This model is the largest and roomiest 4-door cab in the full-size truck segment. The CrewMax is only available with the short 5.5 foot bed length, which impairs its ability to haul cargo.

    Engine Options

    There are 3 different engines available with the Toyota Tundra. However, certain engines are only available on specific models. These available engines along with the models they’re available on are as follows:

    • 4.0 Liter V-6-This engine produces 236 horsepower, is rated at 266 foot-pounds of torque and comes backed up by a 5-speed automatic transmission. This engine comes standard on the Regular Cab and short-bed Double Cab models.
    • 4.7 Liter V-8-Producing 271 horsepower and 313 foot-pounds of torque, is backed by the same 5-speed automatic as the smaller V-6. This engine is standard on the long-bed Double Cab models and the CrewMax. It’s also available as an option on the Regular Cab and Double Cab short-bed models.
    • 5.7 Liter V-8-This monster puts out 381 horsepower and has 401 foot pounds of torque for all your towing needs. This engine is available as an option on all Tundra models. The engine is backed up by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    Toyota Racing Development

    Toyota Racing Development, or TRD, options packages offer sport wheels and suspension tuning, as well-as off-road enhancements.

    The newer Tundra models have begun to attract serious pickup truck buyers. The Tundra is gaining on Ford and Chevrolet in the fight for market share. The increased options and power play a great roll in this turnaround. Having read this article, you know a bit more about the available Toyota Tundra trim options.