• Cheap Car Shipping Rates for Unique Autos: 5 Tips for Getting the Best Quote

    If you’re looking for cheap car shipping quotes you need to do some research and prepare well in advance. The cost of shipping a vehicle is based on the pickup and drop off location, the type of carrier selected and the insurance coverage purchased. Although every shipping company offers you competitively priced services, you should bear in mind the tips given below to get the best quote.

    1. Start Research Well in Advance

    Plan a few months in advance and contact several companies to compare the rates they offer.

    2. Work Directly with the Company

    To avoid paying auto transportation brokers any additional fee, make sure you work directly with the car shipping company. Use online quote comparison tools to find out which company is offering you the best deal.

    3. Insurance

    The lowest quote may not always be the best deal. Since most companies add the cost of insurance to the total cost of shipping, ascertain that you have sufficient insurance coverage if the total cost of shipping seems rather low. Consider purchasing additional insurance from third party insurers to play it safe.

    4. Local Transporters

    Apart from researching the Internet, contact local auto movers in your area to find out what they offer. Review your local newspaper or search the Yellow Pages to find auto shipping companies located in and around your area.

    5. Discount Car Shipping

    If you plan to ship your household goods along with the vehicle, use the same company in order to avail of discounted package rates.

    It’s important to work with a reliable company so that your vehicle reaches you safely. Find out more about customs clearance at the port of entry so that the vehicle passes all inspections and is released at the earliest.