• Car Hand Controls: Disability Driving Methods, Handicap Driving Tips

    While many people who suffer from a disability of some kind assume they’ll be unable to drive a vehicle, the wide range of car hand controls available for installation in virtually every vehicle at this point can be of great help. Whether you use a steering wheel knob, an assisted pedal system or some other type of control to help operate your car, a number of disabled vehicles and handicap accessible cars are now available on the market. The selection is still wider when you consider also that many standard cars can be outfitted with these unique control systems to aid in the process of operating a car.

    Disabled Driving Methods

    There are several different ways disabled people have been able to accurately and safely control vehicles. One of the most popular of these is the steering wheel knob. This knob attaches to the steering wheel itself and locks the wheel into place. The knob can be operated with one hand and by touch alone, as it doesn’t require that you grasp it in the same way as a standard wheel. This makes the option quite useful for those having trouble operating with two hands.

    Another popular way to operate a vehicle is to use special pedals to control the gas, brakes and clutch. Pedal extenders are available to help those who cannot reach the pedals at the ground. There are also hand controlled pedal systems that can be installed as well, which allow for the driver to adjust the gas, brake and clutch systems by hand instead of by foot.

    Handicap Driving Tips

    It’s important to keep in mind that the rules of the road are exactly the same for every driver, regardless of whether he or she uses a standard vehicle with normal steering wheels and other components, or a handicap modified car. Therefore, it’s crucial you learn about how to safely operate your vehicle once you have it outfitted with a special car hand control system.

    Steering wheel knobs are generally not available to the public because they are considered to be fairly dangerous for standard use. These knobs were popular several years ago, but the result of their increase in popularity was a dramatic rise in the frequency with which accidents occurred. The reason for this is the steering wheel knob is significantly more sensitive to the touch than the steering wheel is. As a result, it’s much easier to oversteer and get in a collision because of this. Therefore, if you plan to install a steering wheel knob in your car, take plenty of time to practice using it in a safe environment before you attempt to use it on the road with other vehicles around.

    For additional information about car hand controls for handicap driving, speak with a professional in your area.