• Can You Transfer a Car Title Online?

    Although you cannot transfer a car title online, most state motor vehicle departments provide the forms necessary to transfer a title on their websites. In many states there is no car title transfer form, as the required disclosures and signatures are placed directly on the reverse side of the title. In states where odometer statements or other forms are required to transfer ownership or release a lien, visit the departmental website for additional information and the correct forms. Many can be downloaded as PDF files, edited and printed for easy submission.

    In some states, dealerships can transfer titles and registrations online, so if you are purchasing from a new or used car dealership, they may be able to provide with an application for vehicle title in addition to an updated registration before you leave the dealership.

    States still require you to physically visit an office to transfer a title so that you can certify who purchased the vehicle, and so you can present photo identification to ensure that the vehicle transaction is in compliance with state laws. Visiting a motor vehicle office also allows you to pay any necessary sales or luxury taxes before the vehicle’s title is transferred and registration issued.