• Best Wheelchair Accessible Car Models: Vehicles for the Disabled

    A wheelchair accessible car can provide the freedom that a disabled person needs to function in society. There are a lot of different cars, vans and SUVs that can easily be made into a vehicle that will accommodate the disabled driver. Cars are probably a little less used because of the wheelchair, but this does not mean that a car cant be converted. As long as the disabled person has a drivers license and the vehicle is properly adapted for them, there should be no problems for them getting around in their own vehicle. Many different features may be needed for the disabled person, but the number one issue is the ease of getting into the vehicle with their wheelchair. Here are some handicap vehicles that allow for that. 

    Renault Kangoo

    Probably one of the best wheelchair vans for sale for converting is the Renault Kangoo. This vehicle has great wheelchair access at the rear and has a folding ramp that still leaves a lot of space for the driver, along with three more passengers. The Kangoos safety features are of superior quality, which is one of the reasons why this model has become one of the most popular models when it comes to wheelchair access vans.

    Peugeot Expert Tepee

    Another wonderful and popular model for disabled drivers is the Peugeot Expert Tepee. This is an extremely comfortable and spacious vehicle that is a perfect fit for the entire family. This vehicle offers both the passive and the active safety systems that make this yet another ideal choice for those who are disabled or have a family member that is disabled. With this vehicle you never have to worry about your safety. The Tepee is capable of carrying extremely heavy loads with no difficulty at all, so it is also good for hauling things. It’s an all around vehicle that can work in a variety of situations and still provide the support a disabled driver needs.

    Nissan NV200

    Another nice van that has been awarded for all of its wonderful features for the disabled passenger and driver is the Nissan NV200. Not only is the NV200 perfect for adapting to the needs of the disabled, but it also accommodates the disabled driver’s family with seating up to six more passengers. There are folding seats that can be used whenever the family wants to all go out together. Everyone should be able to be seated comfortably. This car is also eco-friendly, with low emissions and great mileage. It can be a great solution for handicapped people who do not want to sacrifice the amenities because of their medical issues.