• Benefits Of Purchasing A Rental Car

    One of the most overlooked ways to acquire a used car is to purchase a rental car. If you’ve avoided this type of purchase thinking that rental cars are boring fleet vehicles, or that they have been overused or even abused, it’s time to reconsider. In today’s market, neither of these concerns are necessarily valid.

    Condition of Rental Cars

    Rental car companies generally take the maintenance of their fleet seriously, making sure their cars are in top operating condition at all times. Customers who get stranded with broken-down rental cars on vacations or business trips are bad for business. Consequently, rental cars receive regular maintenance during their time in the fleet to ensure that failure is next to impossible.

    Later, when they’re pulled from service they get the same treatment in prepared for a sale. Some rental car companies, such as Enterprise, offer their vehicles for sale when they are only 1 or 2 years old, or reach 30,000 miles. That’s almost as close to a new car as you can get (and without the new car price).

    Rental Models

    If you think that buying a rental car means you’ll end up driving a run-of-the-mill base-optioned hatchback or sedan: think again. The rental vehicles that are available today can please car preferences of all types, from sedans, to pick-ups, box trucks and more. Hertz rents (and sells) vehicles of all types, including hybrids like the Toyota Prius, sports cars like the Nissan 350Z and the Chevrolet Corvette. In almost all cases, these cars can be found for thousands less than their suggested retail prices.

    The next time you’re out car shopping, consider purchasing a rental car. You just might find the family hauler you really need, or the sports car you really want at exactly the right price.