• Average Luxury Car Lease Prices by Make

    If you’re in the market for a BMW car lease or a Lexus car lease, you’ll need to first learn about how to find the best car lease prices on these luxury brand vehicles in your area. Car leases for brands like these can be significantly expensive in some cases, depending upon a variety of factors. An Audi car lease and a Mercedes car lease will also be affected by the same influencing factors. These include the exact type of car and the model as well as the model year in which the vehicle was made. Because some vehicles and model years for certain types of cars are much less common than others, even amongst luxury cars, it is likely you’ll find that the prices of these different vehicles will vary quite dramatically depending upon these characteristics.


    It is difficult to pinpoint an exact average luxury car lease price for BMW vehicles. BMWs range in price quite a bit, from lower end models that are found in Europe and throughout many parts of the world up to luxury models that are found predominantly in the United States. For the luxury brands of BMW, the total lease cost is likely to be somewhere in the range of about $350 to $500 per month. Older BMWs tend to be more expensive than newer models. BMW convertibles also tend to be more expensive than standard sedans or coupe style BMW cars as well, although this may also depend upon the exact vehicle you’re looking at.


    Audi luxury cars tend to be slightly less expensive than BMW cars. You can expect to pay an average of somewhere between about $300 and $450 per month on your lease for an Audi luxury car of some kind. Audis tend to not be as rare as other types of luxury cars, so they are easier to come by and therefore, cost a bit less in comparison.


    Mercedes cars tend to average about the same price per month for a lease as BMWs. Top end Mercedes cars can even be slightly more expensive than their equivalent in BMW. Expect to pay somewhere between $350 and $550 per month on your lease for a Mercedes.

    It is important to keep in mind you can save a good deal of money off the cost of your luxury car lease by opting to lease a used luxury car instead of a new one. Brand new models of these vehicles come with additional fees in many cases, and the cars themselves have not depreciated in value whatsoever, so you’ll be forced to deal with your leasing company based on the manufacturer suggested retail price for the vehicle.

    There are also a number of other things that can add to the cost of a luxury car lease. These include insurance policies, warranties and more. Shop around between different companies for the best value on your lease.