• American SUVs vs. Foreign SUVs: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Each

    One of the primary questions that many customers have as they consider which vehicle to purchase, is whether American SUVs or foreign made vehicles are better. While you can take a look at various websites to see lists of top selings SUVs based on their country of origin, many of the best brands SUVs cross between American-made and foreign manufacturers. Read on for a basic overview of the pros and cons of both American-made SUVs and foreign made vehicles.

    Pros and Cons of American-Made SUVsSome of the most popular American brands of SUV are Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Saturn. Of these, the Ford Escape remains one of the top selling SUVs overall and the best selling of American-made vehicles of this type. The Escape is an excellent vehicle that contains a wide array of different amenities coupled with a sleek appearance and smooth handling. Overall, American-made SUVs are known to have an excellent appearance and overall aesthetic. These vehicles are stylish and attractive. Many of them also have a wide range of special add-ons and optional amenities as well, giving you as a customer a wide set of options in terms of trim vehicles.Unfortunately, many American-made SUVs are rated lower than foreign made vehicles of the same type in terms of safety. This is oftentimes the single most important characteristic that people keep in mind when they select a vehicle of any type, and low safety ratings can cause these otherwise excellent vehicles to suffer dramatic decreases in sales. Be sure to research any American-made vehicle for safety test ratings before you purchase or make your final selection.

    Pros and Cons of Foreign-Made SUVsSome of the most popular foreign-made SUVs are those from manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. These manufacturers are generally known for producing high quality vehicles that focus on safety, functionality and operability over aesthetic choices like design and amenities. These cars generally get excellent gas mileage and are highly rated for driveability.Unfortunately, Toyota has recently recalled a huge number of their SUVs due to unforeseen safety concerns having to do with the break systems. Though overall, these vehicles are excellently rated in terms of safety. Among the other downsides of foreign-made SUVs are the fact that many of them are less roomy than American-made vehicles. These cars are oftentimes not capable of carrying as many passengers as American SUVs, and they also do not have the same quality of interior space for cargo and luggage as well. Furthermore, many people prefer the aesthetic options available in American-made SUVs to those of foreign-made vehicles. Finally, trim options are oftentimes slightly limited in foreign-made SUVs as compared to American ones.Ask a dealer or a mechanic in your area for additional assistance in selecting the SUV that’s right for you.