• A List of All the SUVs Models with 3rd Row Seating

    Though they are generally big, not all SUVs have 3 rows of seats, but there are many that do. Of those that have more than two rows of seats, the most popular sport utility seat capacity is somewhere between 6 and 9 people. Many of these can carry a great deal of cargo and are fairly capable off-road. Also, there is a large price range. The models listed below cost between $25,000 and well over $75,000. The seating capacity, luxury premium, starting price, off road ability, related models, and other notes are listed with each vehicle.

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    In addition, the size range is great. These SUVs range from small crossovers that only seat 6 uncomfortably, to very large SUVS that seat 9 passengers and do not fit in the average garage. It is also important to note that the seating capacity on some models vary because certain packages on the vehicles add or remove seats. Generally, the luxury models have no more than 7 seats, but a similar mid-grade SUV would seat up to 8. Keep this in mind if you are considering the upscale version of an SUV. Crossovers are normally car-based and have a better ride, fuel economy, and handling than SUVs. Models sold as “crossovers” are noted as such. The following is the list of all 2010 sport utility vehicles and crossovers, with three rows of seats in alphabetical order:

    Acura: MDX (luxury version of a Honda Pilot, 7, $42k)

    Audi: Q7 (luxury, diesel/powerful engine available, 7, $47k)

    BMW: X5 (luxury, diesel/powerful engines available, 7, $46k)

    Buick: Enclave (luxury version of a Chevrolet Traverse, 7, $36k)

    Cadillac: Escalade (luxury version of a Chevrolet Tahoe, extended version available, 7, $62k)

    Chevrolet: Traverse (crossover, 7-8, $29k), Tahoe (7-9, $37k), Suburban (extended Tahoe, 7-9, $41k)

    Dodge: Journey (crossover, 7, $21k)

    Ford: Flex (crossover, powerful engine available, 7, $29k), Explorer (5-7, $29k), Expedition (extended version available, 5-8, $36k)

    GMC: Acadia (crossover, similar to Chevrolet Traverse, 7-8, $32k), Yukon (extended version available, 7-9, $38k)

    Honda: Pilot (8, $28k)

    HUMMER: H2 (off road capable, 6, $63k)

    Hyundai: Veracruz (7, $28k)

    Infiniti: QX56 (luxury Nissan Armada, 8, $57k)

    Jeep: Commander (off road capable, 7, $32k)

    Kia: Borrego (7, $26k), Sorento (crossover, 7, $22k)

    Land Rover: LR4 (luxury, off road capable, 7, $48k)

    Lexus: GX (luxury version of a Toyota Sequoia, 7, $52k), LX (luxury version of a Toyota Land Cruiser, 8, $77k)

    Lincoln: MKT (powerful engine available, crossover, luxury, 6, $44k), Navigator (luxury Ford Expedition, 7, $55k)

    Mazda: CX-9 (crossover, 7, $29k)

    Mercedes-Benz: GL-Class (diesel/powerful engine available, luxury, 7, $60k), R-Class (wagon, 6, $49k)

    Mercury: Mountaineer (luxury, similar to Ford Explorer, 7, $30k)

    Mitsubishi: Outlander (5-7, $21k)

    Nissan: Armada (extended Pathfinder, 8, $38k), Pathfinder (7, $28k)

    Subaru: Tribeca (7, $31k)

    Toyota: Highlander (7, $29k), Land Cruiser (8, $67k), RAV4 (7, $22k) Sequoia (7, $43k)

    Volvo: XC90 (luxury, 7, $38k)

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    Acura: MDX
    Audi: Q7
    BMW: X5
    Buick: Enclave
    Cadillac: Escalade
    Chevrolet: Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban
    Dodge: Journey
    Ford: Flex, Explorer, Expedition
    GMC: Acadia, Yukon
    Honda: Pilot
    HUMMER: H2
    Hyundai: Veracruz
    Infiniti: QX56
    Jeep: Commander
    Kia: Borrego, Sorento
    Land Rover: LR4
    Lexus: GX, LX
    Lincoln: MKT, Navigator
    Mazda: CX-9
    Mercedes-Benz: GL-Class, R-Class
    Mercury: Mountaineer
    Mitsubishi: Outlander
    Nissan: Armada, Pathfinder
    Subaru: Tribeca
    Toyota: 4Runner, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Sequoia
    Volvo: XC90