• A List of all the SUV Make and Models for 2010 and 2011

    The following is a brief list of all SUV availability for the 2010/2011 model years.

    The Top Selling SUVs

    • Toyota RAV4: ($22,000-$28,000) Toyota’s smallest SUV, but is very practical and economical
    • Ford Escape: ($21,000-$27,000) A very popular vehicle period
    • Chevrolet Equinox: ($23,000-$30,000) Great quality, practicality, and fuel efficiency
    • Toyota Highlander: ($26,000-$35,000) A 3-row SUV available with different engines and 4WD
    • Ford Edge: ($27,000-$36,000) One of the most popular “crossovers”
    • Lexus RX350: ($38,000-$40,000+) Luxury SUV comes with a plethora of features
    • GMC Acadia/Chevrolet Traverse: ($30,000-$42,000) large 3-row crossovers

    Acura: MDX (large, 3-row), RDX (small, 2-row), ZDX (very sporty and chic, 2-row, many interesting features)

    Audi: Q3 (small, 2-row, new for 2011), Q5 (medium, 2-row, available in 2011 as hybrid), Q7 (large, 3-row, many luxury options)

    BWM: X3 (small, 2-row), X5 (medium, 2-row, available in hybrid or with high-power engine), X6 (same as X5, but more styled)

    Buick: Buick Enclave/Chevrolet Traverse/GMC Acadia (large, 3-row, top seller, many options)

    Cadillac: Escalade (large, 3-row, luxury, available in hybrid/truck/extended models), SRX (medium, 2-row, crossover)

    Chevrolet: Traverse (see Buick Enclave), Equinox (medium, 2-row, top seller, high quality interior, many high-end features), Tahoe (large, 2-row, hybrid available), Suburban (extended Tahoe)

    Dodge: Journey (medium, 2-row, creative storage spaces), Nitro (small, 2-row, very boxy)

    Ford: Edge (medium, 2-row, top seller), Escape (small, 2-row, top seller, hybrid available), Explorer (large, 3-row), Expedition (very large, 3-row, available in extended model), Flex (large, 3-row, “crossover”)

    GMC: Acadia (large, 3-row, top seller), Terrain (Chevrolet Equinox), Yukon/XL (Chevrolet Suburban)

    Honda: Accord Crosstour (medium, 2-row, wagon-like), CR-V (small, 2-row, very reliable and popular), Pilot (large, 3-row, reliable, fuel efficient), Element (small, 4 seats, boxy, versatile, washable interior)

    Hummer: H3 (medium, 2-row, off-roading capable, available in truck model)

    Hyundai: Santa Fe (medium, 2-row), Tuscon (small, 2-row, very stylish, economical), Veracruz (large, 3-row)

    Infiniti: EX35 (small, 2-row, advanced parking cameras), FX35/50 (medium, 2-row, available in very fast sport model), QX56 (large, 3-row)

    Jeep: Commander (medium, 3-row, glass roof), Compass (small, 2-row), Grand Cherokee (medium, 2-row), Liberty (small, 2-row), Patriot (small, 2-row), Wrangler (medium, 2-row, available with 2/4 doors)

    Kia: Forte (2011, medium, 2-row, reliable, well-equipped), Sportage (medium, 2-row)

    Land Rover: LR2 (small, 2-row), LR4 (medium, 2-row, advanced off-road abilities), Range Rover (large, 2-row, many luxury features, available in sport trim)

    Lexus: GX460 (large, 3-row), LX570 (large, 3-row, very capable towing/off-roading), RX350 (medium, 2-row, top seller, hybrid available)

    Lincoln: MKT (large, 3-row, crossover, advance safety features), MKX (medium, 2-row), Navigator (large, 3-row, available in extended trim)

    Mazda: CX-7 (medium, 2-row), CX-9 (large, 3-row), Tribute (small, 2-row, Ford Escape)

    Mercedes-Benz: G (medium, 2-row, very expensive and rare), GL (large, 3-row, many trims), GLK (medium, 2-row, crossover), M (large, 2-row), R (medium, 6 seats, wagon)

    Mercury: Mariner (small, 2-row), Mountaineer (large, 2-row)

    Mitsubishi: Endeavor (medium, 2-row), Outlander (medium, 2-row, creative tailgate)

    Nissan: Armada (large, 8 seats), Murano (medium, 2-row, crossover), Pathfinder (large, 3-row), Rogue (small, 2-row), Xterra (medium, 2-row, very capable off-road)

    Porsche: Cayenne (medium, 2-row, luxurious, high-performance)

    Subaru: Forester (medium, 2-row, reliable, high quality)

    Suzuki: Grand Vitara (medium, 2-row)

    Toyota: 4Runner (large, 2-row, off-road), FJ Cruiser (large, 2-row, washable interior, off-road), Highlander (large, 3-row, hybrid available), RAV4 (small, 2-row, top seller), Sequoia (large, 8 seats), Venza (medium, 2-row, crossover), Land Cruiser (large, 8 seats, luxurious)

    Volkswagen: Tiguan (small, 2-row), Touareg (medium, 2-row)

    Volvo: XC60 (medium, 2-row, crossover, advanced safety features), XC70 (medium, 2-row, wagon), XC90 (large, 3-row)