• 4 Tips for Buying Your First Car Online

    Most people get nervous and anxious when deciding to buy a first car online, but car dealers are not as intimidating as they may seem. Standing on your own two feet and being firm and consistent with what you want will get you a long way when negotiating your first car deal.

    First time car buyers should be mindful of a few tips.

    Tip #1 -Financing

    By checking out where you will fund your first car and choosing a price within your own personal budget, you will be able to set limits and keep your car search within specific parameters. This will allow you to stay focused on what you want and not be pushed into a car deal that will get you into financial problems. Financing can be negotiated through several different sources: the car dealership you’re purchasing your vehicle from, your own bank or a third party lender. Any of these three would work, but shopping around for the best interest rates and prices that meet your budget would be ideal.

    Tip #2 – Research

    After you know your budget for your first car, you can start searching for what type of vehicle you want to purchase. Obviously, you need to stay within reason depending on your finances. For example, if you can finance up to $10,000, but are searching online for cars that cost $30,000, you might want to scale back your wants. It would be good to research the type of vehicle you want, any reviews that are written on the vehicle and any potential dealers that you would consider purchasing from.

    Tip #3 – Shopping

    By doing some comparison shopping, you’ll be able to select several dealers who you would consider purchasing from. Getting a few different quotes on the same type of vehicle is good too. This will insure that you are getting the best deal for the vehicle you want. Also, to confirm that you’re getting a good deal, feel free to compare the quotes with any dealers in person. Some might have the same quotes, but it is always good to double check. Make sure when you do your comparison shopping that the dealers aren’t pushing you to buy a more expensive vehicle. Stay within your budget; there’s a reason why you checked out financing before you shopped for a vehicle.

    Tip #4 – Vehicle

    Once you decide what vehicle you want to purchase and narrow down the dealers, make sure you take the car for a test drive. When test driving more affordable cars (usually from used car lots), make sure to check the vehicle over very closely. Asking for a report on the vehicle’s history is important as well. It will give you a report from DMV and explain any accidents the vehicle may have been in. It will also give you information on where the car was manufactured and how many owners the vehicle has had.

    Buying a first car online can be stressful and nerve-wracking. But by doing research and knowing exactly what type of car you want and car afford, it will save on time and effort.