• 4 Reliable Classic Diesel Cars

    Buying classic diesel cars is not something most people first think of regarding classics. Gasoline cars are usually the first vehicle that comes to mind, but, believe it or not, there are classic diesel cars out there with good reputations. Some of the stalwart car makers have produced some superbly reliable classics over the years.

    1 – Jaguar

    Now owned and made by Ford, the Jaguar is probably one of the more prominent names in the history of car making. Jaguar XJ series is well known as a classic car, which attracts middle income to the rich and famous. Jaguar X series have not diminished in price over the years, either. Even an old diesel car will cost you well into the thousands in terms of money.

    2 – Volvo

    The Swedish company has been renowned for reliability for many years. Their technology and safety are second to none, and Volvo have set the standard for many other car makers. Volvo diesels are still readily available, although most will be in manual transmission. There will be auto-diesels available, but they are pretty thin on the ground.

    3 – Mercedes

    Another benchmark company when it comes to car production. Mercedes has an excellent reputation for classic and stylish cars. Their diesel and turbo diesel models are a force to be reckoned with. And again, like Jaguar, a Mercedes will still set you back a few thousand if you are looking for a reliable classic diesel car.

    4 – Volkswagen

    Everyone recognizes Volkswagens because of their clearly defined shape, style and badge. Many Volkswagens have become classics over the years, and owing to their extreme reliability, their reputation has never faltered. Buying a classic diesel Passat would get you a great return for your money, but always beware of cars with extremely high mileage.