• 4 Places Accepting Car Donations You Wouldn’t Think of

    When it comes to car donations, everybody’s heard of the major donation centers like Goodwill, HOPE, the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. For those who want to donate off the beaten path and benefit a number of people, read on.

    1. School Districts

    Most school districts have schools that have Industrial Arts programs. These programs, especially in automotive technologies, rely mostly on donations for materials for the students to work with. Call your local high school or school district for more information.

    2. High Schools

    Most high schools have auto shops that teach students basic and advanced automotive technology skills. These auto shops also rely mostly on donations for the cars that the students build and fix. Call your local high school district office for information on how to donate a car. Some high school districts will actually have a car donation center centrally located, from which cars are sent to the various schools as needed.

    3. Community Colleges

    Staying on the educational theme, community college automotive technologies programs also rely on donations from the community for most of the cars that students work on.

    4. Churches

    Another place that accepts car donations that may come as a surprise is your local church. A car donation to a church can be used by that church for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a loaner car when a parishioner’s car is in the shop. The pastor can use it to visit homebound and elderly parishioners. The church may also sell it and use the proceeds to support church missions and programs.

    The four locations listed above are places and entities that accept car donations that most people wouldn’t normally think of as accepting one.