• 3 Most Popular Luxury Car Brands

    When someone is trying to decide which luxury car brands are the best the list is usually narrowed down to the three major players: Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus. This is not to say that they are necessarily the best, but they are the most well known. When trying to decide what type of luxury car will best suit the needs of an individual, many factors need to be considered. Among the questions that must be asked are, what type of car is desired (exotic sports or luxury sedan), total number of normal passengers, and/or what is more desirable flash or reliability. There are many different answers to these questions for instance if an exotic sports car is what a person is looking for then the brands Bugatti, Lamborghini, or Lotus all offer a vehicle that will fit that desire. If the vehicle is going to be a simple sedan then the most popular brands are Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus


    Mercedes offers a full line of both sporty and luxury cars. From the simple C-Series sedans to the opulent S-Series saloons, there is a vehicle available to fit any desire. If performance is desired their AMG division has a car that will fill that need.


    Mercedes closest competitor and brother in manufacturing is BMW. Both brands are from Germany but offer a different driving experience. BMWs long standing motto, “The ultimate driving experience” is the underlayment of all its cars. From the 3 series all the way to the 7 series, BMWs create shear excitement for the driver.


    Where as both the aforementioned German companies have long histories in the automobile industry, Lexus is a relative new comer. Created by Toyota as a way to enter the highly competitive luxury car market, Lexus began life as dressed up Toyotas. No longer the case, today Lexus enjoys status on par with both Mercedes and BMW and offer a quality level that is unsurpassed in the industry. Costing thousands of dollars less that it’s German rivals, Lexus offers unbeatable quality and opulent luxury at an affordable price.