• What to Look for in a Great Brake Repair Shop

    There are many brake repair shops in any city, but the key is to find a good one. Here’s what to look for and what to avoid in brake repair shops.

    Low Price Offer

    Many brake repair shops offer a great price up front. $99.00 front and rear brakes is a fairly common one. Typically, these shops just want to get you in the door and sell you rebuilt calipers, wheel cylinders and brake master cylinders. These parts usually don’t need overhauling, and it’s cheaper to buy them already overhauled from a parts store. The average brake job should be between $115 and $175 per axle, meaning $230 to $350 for front and rear.


    Any brake repair shop should offer some type of warranty. The typical warranty should be between 6 months to 1 year, and anything less should be avoided. Some shops even offer a “lifetime” warranty, but remember this warranty is usually on the parts only, and you have to pay for labor after a period of time.

    Part Quality and Selection

    Any reputable brake repair shop should have several stages of brake repair. You should have the option of semi-metallic and ceramic pads, as well as the option of replacing other components to extend the warranty. If a shop offers only one option, that means it’s probably the most profitable and they may be using a lesser part.

    Detailed Recommendations

    It is acceptable for a shop to recommend additional parts or even require them prior to starting the service. It’s important that they have legitimate reasons for replacing the parts. If they say, “Its broken,” this is a quick sign of a bad brake repair shop. They should give you the specifications and thoroughly explain why replacement is needed.

    Mechanic Competency

    This is the most important part. Be certain that the mechanics working on your vehicle are experienced and have the knowledge to complete your brake repair properly. It’s okay to ask fact finding questions about who is working on your vehicle.

    Now, go spend some time checking out facilities and use this outline to help you in weeding out the bad ones.