• What is the Best Way to Remove Paint on a Car

    The best way to remove paint from a car is to use the correct materials. Some models of car have multiple layers of paint, which create varying thicknesses and removal difficulties. In order to properly remove all the paint from a car you must ensure using the correct solution or method.


    As with painted wood, it is possible to use auto chemical stripping to remove paint from a car. This method requires safety precautions and proper equipment. Repair shops will carry the right sort of tools and materials needed, but if you want to remove the paint yourself at home, you should follow the packing instructions carefully for the stripper that you purchase.


    You can remove car paint by sanding with an orbital sander. This is a tiring method and it requires grinding the layers of paint away from the metal without the use of chemical abrasives. It is not the recommended method, but it is possible to achieve removal in this fashion. You will need very rough grit paper to perform the sanding for paint removal until it’s stripped bare. Then you will need further fine grit to even the metal body work out again and smooth it for the new paint.


    If certain panels on the vehicle can be unscrewed and easily removed, it is possible to have them dipped in a stripping solution, much like heavy wooden doors are chemically stripped back to the wood. The panel is washed in the stripping solution and when retracted, it comes out completely clear of any paint. Some panels can’t be so easily removed and they will need manual stripping with a more sure method.