• Top Auto Paint Companies

    Although MAACO would have you believe they are the best among the top auto paint companies in the world, there are other companies out there that are equally good. It is best to look at all of them before making any decision and buying auto paint.

    • MAACO: MAACO is number one in the business, and this is strictly a numbers game. They do reasonable work if you need a quick respray or touch up, and some of their stores can actually hang a reasonable hood, if they have enough time. However, there are other venues out there that are worth a look as well. To its credit, MAACO does offer specials and they are widely available around the country. However, you should watch their consumer ratings and talk with the local Better Business Bureau before tying your fortunes to them. You may be missing out on a higher ranked company in the area.
    • Earl Schwab: This is another national firm that has been around for a number of years and, while not as well known as MAACO, offers the same services. It is possible since the Schwab organization offers fewer stores that their customer satisfaction index is higher than MAACO’s and that is something that you should definitely look at before making a final decision. Schwab offers the usual paint services you will find at a MAACO, such as complete estimates, reports and complete repairs. They will work with all of the major national insurers and will also provide you with a rental vehicle. It makes sense to look at Schwab before making the final decision.
    • Dupont: The majors such as DuPont are also in the running with their own venues, although you will have to either check your local web listings or your local phone books to find the exact locations. Again, they offer all of the services that you will find in the other major chains, such as estimates, reports and rentals, as well as repairs.
    • Ford Motor: Although little known for their national work, Ford does offer national repairs through its network of about 6,500 dealers across the country. They use Ford standard parts and will work on third-party vehicles. Since they are a dealer network – and very dependent on their customer service index rating – they will tend to make good on every repair to which they commit. The same is true of any of the other major automakers. For example, if you have a General Motors car in need of body work, you will find that you can take it to your local Ford or Toyota dealer and you will get a competitive quote, as quotes are based on national averages. You will also find that the dealers will stand behind their work because they want to ensure that every survey that is sent out comes back as a positive one for them.