• Replace Toyota Window: Do It Yourself

    If you want to replace your Toyota window without seeking the help of a professional, you need to bear a few guidelines in mind. Some of the Toyota cars feature motorized window operating systems. Others use the manual version. Although window replacement is moderately difficult, if you have the right tools and follow the process accurately, you will be able to fix a new Toyota window within an hour. To start off, you need to keep a few tools at hand. These include a screwdriver, pliers and a tool kit.

    Step 1-Removing the Panel

    The first thing you have to do is detach the panel from the door. To do this, look for the screws on the panel and loosen them. Next, loosen the bolts situated around the armrest.

    Step 2-Removing the Power Window Switch

    With the help of a screwdriver, pry open the window switch mechanism. You will have to also detach the wiring harness plug that’s positioned behind this mechanism. Once this is done, pull the panel to get it away from the door. Since the panel is also held in place by pop rivets, make sure these rivets come off for the panel to come away easily.

    Step 3-Replacing the Power Window Motor

    After pulling out the panel, take out any insulation that’s wedged in the door or any side airbags that could explode. Disconnect the wiring harness from the window motor, loosen the bolts that mount the motor in place and remove the motor. At this point, if you wish to replace the window glass, lower the window glass and look for additional bolts that secure it. Loosen these bolts before pulling out the glass. Next, carefully tilt the glass and pull it out. Replace this with a new one.

    Step 4-Fixing a New Power Window Motor

    Once you’ve purchased a new power window motor that matches your vehicle model, use this motor in place of the old one. Secure it to the window regulator gears with the mount bolts you had taken off earlier.

    Step 5-Reattaching Parts

    Subsequently, put back all the other components you had taken off. These include the airbags, any insulation and wiring. Fix the harness adapter plug back onto the power window switch and reattach the panel to the door. Make sure all the rivets go into place and the remaining bolts are tightened. Finally, fit the power switch mechanism into the door panel.

    Step 6-Testing

    Test the windows to see if they can be raised and lowered without any problems.

    Since you’re working on the electric system, it’s important for you to carry out this process as accurately as possible. If you’ve had no prior experience working on a car, you’re better off getting the job done by a technician. Alternatively, look for a DIY Toyota window repair kit that could help you better understand the components of a window motor. This procedure can also be used to replace a window that’s not power operated. Since there isn’t any power switch involved, the task is relatively easy.