• Is Cheap Car Paint Worth the Savings?

    Cheap car paint may seem like a good deal when you see it on the shelf. It could be a two-for-one offer or a large percentage off the price if you buy another item. There are all sorts of deals being pushed by retailers who are eager for business. The big question is whether it’s worth paying attention to these offers and buying cheap paint, or whether expensive is better.

    Cheap or Junk?

    There is a difference between a low priced good brand name paint and a cheap auto paint. Some brand names will be on sale or at a reduced price, making them cheap auto paint in that respect. There are also second rate non-branded paints which are cheap, and that is the difference. You should really steer clear of non-branded paint. These paints tend to be lower grade and are far more likely to bubble, lump or simply not fulfill the expectations that you had when you bought them. Of course, there are situations where it might be more suitable.

    Size of Area

    Let’s suppose you are painting the whole of your car. That is one instance where you will definitely require top quality branded car paint and if you get it cheaper, then great. If you are painting an unseen part of your car, say the floor under the carpet or the underside, the wheel arches or somewhere that’s not so important, then yes, go ahead a buy a small tester pot of a cheaper paint. If the idea is that the ultimate finish on your car’s exterior looks showroom when you have painted it, always choose quality above quantity. For smaller and less conspicuous areas, quality is not of the utmost importance.