• How to Find Free Auto Repair Manuals

    Knowing how to find a free auto repair manual will aid in the process of repairing your own car.

    Go to the Library

    • The reference section of your local library usually has a wealth of available material. Chilton’s and Haynes manuals are the most common.

    Varieties of Manuals

    • The most basic editions of an auto repair manual focus on one or two models. For example, the Chilton’s Honda Civic and CRV 2001-2004 Repair Manual. Within its pages, the reader can find lots of step-by-step directions and photos on projects such as tune-ups, fluid-level checks, tire rotation and air filter replacement. The book also contains troubleshooting charts and safety tips.
    • For those enthusiasts tackling the more intense inner workings of engines, the publishers offer editions that delve into the teardown and rebuilding of the major components. Chilton’s Auto Service Manual 2002 Professional Technician’s Edition includes Fords, GM’s and Chryslers and shows how to work on the ignition timing, engine assembly, and transmission.

    Internet Resources

    • User groups and blog threads on the Internet provide excellent material. Type your make, model, year and the name of the part into a major search engine and a bounty of useful tips by other car repair enthusiasts will pop up. You can find the part diagrams as well. Switch from a WEB search to an IMAGE search on the toolbar to improve your search results for diagrams.

    Use Your Part Store

    • If you buy parts from a dealer, the counterperson can print out a diagram of, for example the timing belt, showing connecting screws, bolts and covers which will aid in taking apart the equipment and reinstalling it.

    Tenacity is the most important trait in your search for the right documentation. There are a wealth of free auto repair manuals available. Especially in the Internet age, you can turn on your laptop and unleash the hundreds of thousands of auto repair tips and pictures available in electronic form.