• How to Find an Auto Paint Store Near You

    If you decide to apply touch-up paint or a whole new coat of enamel to a vehicle yourself, you’ll need to find an auto paint store near you. With a variety of enamels available to coat body, chrome and engine parts, the home craftsman can have fun and satisfaction making that favorite vehicle stand out again.

    Finding an Auto Paint Store

    • Use Internet resources to find paint stores, such as Local.com. Plug the term “auto paint” into the Search field and your location (e.g. address, city, state or zip code) into the the Near field. A number of helpful paint store resources pop up. Click on the resulting listings to bring up links with further information including address, maps and directions.
    • Check with dealerships in your area that sell and service your car’s make. By looking at the door jamb of your vehicle, you can usually spot the car’s color code, for example NH-531M for a charcoal 1990 Honda Accord. Call the dealership and they can tell if they sell your paint code. They may only sell small tubes, ideal for touch-ups due to scrape damage.
    • Some auto body repair shops can mix paint for you if you provide the color code. Check your local telephone business directory for outlets catering to the auto paint market. Headings such as Automobile Body Repairing and Painting or similar will reveal shops that may sell car paint. Call them to find out if they sell to retail customers.
    • National auto paint suppliers like Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes sell car paint. On their website input your zip code to find the closest locations on a map.
    • National and regional auto part chains contribute to the auto paint market. NAPA carries brands including Kreylon and Dupli-Color with shades including Royal Blue and Leaf Green. Carquest carries brands including Plasti-Kote and Bravo. To find one of these auto part stores, you can use their website store locator feature or the telephone directory.

    Finding auto paint stores near you may involve a combination of auto part stores and paint and body shops. Use these suggestions to find the ideal paint to make your car dazzle again.