• How to Find a Pontiac Repair Manual

    Finding the correct Pontiac repair manual for your car is extremely important if you’re going to be performing any serious repairs by yourself or if you have limited auto repair experience. Whether you’re looking for a Pontiac Vibe repair manual or a Pontiac G5 repair manual, there are a number of places where you can find the right manual you need. There are two companies that publish auto repair manuals. The industry favorite is from Chilton’s. A close second is from Haynes. Below are four ways to find the right one.


    Craigslist is another online source for your required Pontiac Vibe repair manual. Most of the sellers are private parties, you’ll mostly find used copies. This means you will pay less, and since all listings are local, you won’t have to pay for shipping or wait for delivery. The following steps describe how to find the Plymouth repair manual you need:

    1. Visit the craigslist website.
    2. Select your state and then city.
    3. On the left side you will see a search box. Enter a search term similar to “Pontiac repair manuals” and hit enter.
    4. Browse through the given results until you find the manual you need.
    5. Contact the seller and arrange to meet them somewhere.
    6. Meet the seller and buy the manual.

    Online Auction Sites

    The two major online auction sites are also a good place to find your Pontiac repair manual. The exact steps required will vary by auction site. However, a list of basic steps is listed below.

    1. Decide which auction site you wish to shop at and log in to the site.
    2. Hit enter.
    3. The site will search listings and descriptions and return all pertinent results for you to browse.
    4. Browse the results supplied until you find the manual you desire.
    5. Select your desired manual and add it to your cart.
    6. Head to checkout and finalize your purchase.
    7. Wait for your manual to be delivered.

    Publisher Direct Sales

    1. The first way to find a Pontiac G5 repair manual is by ordering it directly from the publisher. The steps for this are as follows:
    2. Log on to the website of the company whose manual you desire, either Chilton’s or Haynes.
    3. Browse to the correct section of the site, professional or Do It Yourself.
    4. Select Pontiac as the type of car.
    5. Scroll through the list until you find the correct year, make and model.
    6. Add your desired title to your shopping cart.
    7. Head to check out and make your purchase.
    8. Wait for delivery of your repair manual.

    Traditional Stores

    Both Chilton’s Motor Manuals and Haynes Auto Repair Manuals are available at a wide variety of parts stores, as well as variety stores that sell auto parts and services, such as some Wal-Mart stores. To find your Pontiac repair manual at a store, follow these simple steps.

    1. Visit your favorite parts retailer.
    2. Ask an employee where repair manuals are located.
    3. Look through the selection until you find the correct year, make and model.
    4. Take your repair manual to check out and make your purchase.

    Listed above are four places and the required steps to find the Pontiac repair manual that you need.