• How to Diagnose and Replace a Ford Window Regulator

    A Ford window regulator can be easily removed and fixed, if a few guidelines are kept in mind. The average cost of repairing your window or replacing some of its components could amount to $300. If you wish to avoid this expense, you would rather work on the window yourself. Some of the Ford vehicles are equipped with power windows while others feature the regular manual windows. The automatic windows work with the help of an electric fuse, window motor, window regulator and window switches. Although every car is designed differently, you can remove the window regulator and replace it with a new one, if you follow the steps mentioned below.

    Step 1-Gathering Tools

    Before working on the window regulator you need to gather a few tools that will help you complete the task with relative ease. These include a flat screwdriver, a socket set and a new window regulator.

    Step 2-Working on the Door Panel

    Before diagnosing the problem, you will have to detach the panel that’s attached to the door. To start off, pry open all panels that have been fixed onto the door panel. These include the switch panel and the door handle panel. Be gently when prying them open as they can easily crack under pressure.

    Step 3-Working on the Switch Panel

    After removing the switch panel, you need to disconnect the electric adapter plug or connector that’s located under the switch panel. You will have to test this switch panel at a later stage, to make sure that there isn’t any problem with the electric circuit.

    Step 4-Removing the Door Panel

    You now need to loosen all bolts that hold the panel to the door. This can be done with the help of a socket tool. Once all bolts have been removed, carefully pull the panel away from the door. You may see other electric connectors wedged between the panel and the door. Disconnect them with caution, so that the panel comes off without trouble. Next, remove any insulation that was wedged between the door and the panel.

    Step 5-Positioning the Window

    You now have to tape the window glass in place with the use of masking tape. Tape it over the door frame and onto the side of the glass so that it’s well secured.

    Step 6-Removing the Window Regulator

    Loosen and remove all mounting bolts and screws that hold the window regulator in place. After removing the window regulator rail, compare it to the replacement window regulator that you’re going to install and ensure that the mounts, bolts and other components of the new regulator perfectly match the old one.

    Step 7-Replacing the Window Regulator

    Replace the old regulator with the new one and tighten all bolts and screws to position it well. After this, connect all previously removed connectors and put the door insulation back in place. Reattach the panel to the door and tighten all screws. You may now test the working of your window to make sure it can be raised and lowered easily.

    Step 8-Diagnosing Problems

    If, after changing the window regulator, the motor stops working or there’s a short circuit, you will have to work on the electric system that powers the automatic windows. Working with the electrical system can be dangerous if you have no prior experience. It would be better to have a Ford automatic window repair specialist work on it.

    If you’re looking to find cheap replacement parts, search for wholesale car part dealers online. You could also filter your search criteria to find a mustang window regulator that matches your vehicle model and specifications.