• How to Diagnose and Replace a Audi Window Regulator

    If you own an Audi and notice the windows seem to be stuck in one position, there may be a problem with your Audi window regulator. The window regulator in your vehicle is the system that controls the movement of the windows. It’s what’s responsible for physically moving the windows up or down, per your controls. Nearly all Audi vehicles have automatic window regulators that are based on electrical circuits. Some older models (like older versions of the A3 window regulator, for instance), feature a manual system controlled by gears that operate when you crank a knob on the inside of the door. If your electrical windows don’t work properly, your vehicle is in need of an Audi automatic window repair.

    Step 1 — Collect the Necessary Tools and Materials

    Begin your project by gathering together all of the different tools and materials you’ll need:

    • Screwdrivers of different sizes
    • Prying tool
    • Volt meter
    • Replacement regulator that is viable in your car

    Step 2 — Diagnose the Problem

    Check to see if all of the windows are broken or if some of them are still operable. If all of the windows are stuck, it’s likely you have some sort of a circuit connection problem or a blown fuse in your regulator motor.

    Depress each of the window control buttons on the inside of the doors of the car and listen for any sounds that come from the regulator system. The regulator is located inside of the car doors. If you notice engine sounds but the windows do not work, it’s possible the motor itself on the regulator is still functioning properly but something has come out of alignment.

    Step 3 — Open Up the Door Panel

    In order to access the window regulator itself, you’ll first need to open up the door panel on your Audi. This is secured in place by several carefully hidden screws. Locate these screws and remove them using your screwdrivers. Make sure to keep the screws themselves in a carefully guarded spot.

    Use your prying tool to gently remove the plastic door panel cover from the metal car door. You’ll find the regulator system underneath.

    Step 4 — Visually Inspect and Replace if Neccessary

    Check for any signs of broken connection or other damage to the regulator. Use a volt meter to make sure the electrical power is flowing to the regulator properly. Before you replace the regulator itself, note the car is powered off and there’s no risk of electrocution.Remove the two bolts that connect the regulator to the inside of the car door and then carefully disconnect the existing regulator. Gently pull it out of the car door. Follow the instructions for installing the new regulator system in its place and test it out before you close the door panel once again.

    If you have any questions, consult with a mechanic.