• How to Build an Auto Paint Booth

    If you enjoy car restoration, you’ll ideally need to have your own auto paint booth. It saves you having to use a professional auto painter, and allows you to work at your own pace. A garage is an ideal place to build an auto body paint booth. You will need enough room to move freely around the car, so good clearance on all sides is vital. A car paint booth is simple to construct, and can be done very cheaply.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • PVC tubing
    • PVC corners
    • Wire
    • Clear plastic sheeting
    • Duct tape
    • 2 box fans
    • 2 furnace filters

    Step 1 – Preparation

    Start by clearing everything out of the garage and cleaning it thoroughly. For an auto paint booth it’s necessary to have an environment that’s as dust free as possible. To achieve this, you’ll not only need to use a broom, but also a power washer on the concrete floor, and sponge the walls and any windows.

    Step 2 – Frame

    You’ll be using PVC tubing to construct the frame for your auto paint booth. The great advantage to this method is that it’s quick to erect and to take apart. Decide on the length, width and height of the booth.

    Cut 4 pieces of PVC tube to match the height, 2 to match the width, and 2 for the length of the booth. Using PVC 3-way corner pieces, put together the top of the booth by connecting the 2 lengths and the two widths. Finish the frame by adding the 4 legs. Stand the frame in the garage, positioned where you want it. To avoid sag at the top of the frame, wrap wire around the PVC and attach to hooks in the joists.

    Step 3 – Plastic

    It’s vital that an auto paint booth be enclosed. You can use heavy clean plastic sheeting for this. Cut to the correct size and attach to the frame work with duct tape. Do this on three of the walls and the top of the booth. Put another layer of plastic on the ground. Attach with duct tape and check all the joins on the plastic to be certain they’re tightly taped.

    Put a table at the back end of the booth and stand a box fan on it. This will be your exhaust fan. Cut a square on the plastic that’s the same size as the fan. Pull the fan partially through, then tape to the plastic on all sides. Make sure that it’s blowing air out from the booth. Tape a furnace filter to the fan. This ensures paint is not drawn through.

    Step 4 – Entry

    Once you have the car to be painted in the booth, you can finish things by taping clear plastic over the entrance. Have a box fan positioned at this end to draw air into the booth. You’ll need cut cut a square in the plastic for the fan and tape the plastic to it. Use a filter on the fan so dust isn’t drawn into the auto paint booth. For entry and exit, slice down part of the length and enter the booth. Once inside, use duct tape along the cut to seal it.