• How to Apply a Base Coat of Auto Paint

    Base coat auto paint is essentially the first coat of paint your vehicle gets when doing a car painting job. Applying the base coat on your vehicle can be done easily. The steps to applying base coat are essentially the same initial steps when painting your car. Applying base coat is a procedure that is often overlooked. However, if you apply your base coat of auto paint right you will end up with a professional-looking paint job.

    Tools and Materials:

    • Base coat
    • Spray gun
    • Soap and water
    • Paper towels/cloth
    • Masking tape
    • Newspaper
    • Wax/grease remover

    Step 1 – Clean the Car Thoroughly

    Clean your car thoroughly before spraying any coats of paint. Soap and water will do just fine in thoroughly cleaning the frame of your car.

    Step 2 – Remove the Wax and Grease

    Make sure that you remove any grease or wax on your vehicle to make sure that the paint will adhere to the body once you start painting. A commercial wax and grease remover will do just fine for this job. Use paper towels or cloth to clean off the wax remover after thoroughly cleaning the frame from grease and wax.

    Step 3 – Take out All the Trims

    Take out all the trims of your car. All plastic or chrome trims should be removed to make sure that they will not be painted on. Most of the trims of cars can easily be snapped off. Do not force any trims that are hard to remove.

    Step 4 – Masking

    You can now start masking the frame of your car. Masking involves putting masking tape and newspaper on parts of the car you do not want to be painted on. This may be a time consuming job but it is an important step. This step will help make your car painting job look a lot more professionally done.

    Step 5 – Spraying the Base Coat

    With your spray gun, spray the base coat on the frame of your car. Spray base coat lightly with even coats. Always keep your distance between the spray gun and the car body, otherwise you will end up with big pools of paint on one side.

    It is recommended that you apply your base coats in medium coats using the reducer for the temperature or humidity in your environment. Your base coat should always be wet for it to adhere properly. Never apply the paint dry.

    Make sure that you press the trigger of your spray gun at least two inches off to the side of the area. Move the gun in a side-to-side motion across the surface. Continue spraying about two inches off the other side of the area before you release the trigger.

    You can also spray clear coat auto paint once you have completed the process of painting your base coat to add a deeper, higher gloss look.