• How Much Does Bumper Repair Cost

    A bumper repair cost will be estimated mainly on the size of repair and the type of bumper. Prices will also vary from shop to shop, so make a point of looking around and getting various prices from as many places as possible. This only counts if you don’t plan to repair it yourself, of course.

    Type of Bumper

    If you own a very old, antique, classic or collectible car you will no doubt want the highest standard of repair possible. You may need to find a specialist and obtain a bumper repair price from them. Older cars usually have metal bumpers and these can be easier to repair than the newer vinyl bumpers. You can take your car to a shop and get a car bumper repair estimate. They will be able to easily assess what repairs need doing and possibly offer you a full quote, rather than an estimate. In some cases the bumper may be beyond repair, in which case they might also be able to undertake that job and tell you a rough bumper replacement cost.

    Repair Types

    Metallic bumpers can sometimes be completely repaired with just a reshaping of the dented area. Removing the bumper and knocking out the dent with a rubber mallet and some soft wood will mean that it is perfectly plausible that you do the project yourself at a far smaller cost. If it is not something you feel capable of doing, then by all means visit a shop and get the best quote or estimate possible.


    Costs can vary considerably from place to place. There is no simple calculation method involved. Basically the equation is Labor + Parts + Type of bumper = Cost. Shop prices range from $30 an hour for labor up to $80 or more, so it’s impossible to offer a price. If you repair it yourself, you are simply looking at the cost of materials.