• Car Windshield Self-Repair Tips

    When it comes to fixing a damaged windshield, one affordable option is to use a do-it-yourself car windshield repair kit. Doing the job at home instead of hiring a windshield repair specialist can save you valuable dollars. And with the selection of repair kits on the market, you don’t have to be an expert to fix a chip or knick in your car’s windshield. Here are some tips to help you complete the process successfully:

    • To help ensure better results, it’s important to address the damage as quickly as possible. Dirt and particles can collect in the damaged area, while temperature changes can cause a chip to expand. Both of these factors can make the repair process more difficult and less effective.
    • It’s important to determine whether your damaged windshield is a good candidate for at-home repair. Most kits are recommended for chips or pits no greater than one inch in diameter, like those caused by rocks. These do-it-yourself products are not designed to repair cracks.
    • Most auto parts stores offer a variety of windshield repair kits to choose from. The most affordable are priced around $20 and designed for one-time use. These kits include a disposable syringe that is used to inject a resin material directly into the damaged area of the windshield. The compound dries in around 30 minutes, leaving little evidence of the original damage. Since the chemical compound is activated by ultraviolet rays, the repair job should be done in the daylight. Bridge sets are a pricier option for fixing your windshield yourself. These products also use an injection repair method, but contain equipment that is intended for multiple uses.

    So if you’re looking to save money fixing the chips in your windshield, check out the variety of basic and affordable self-repair kits at an auto parts store near you.