• Car Radio Repair: Tips & Troubleshooting

    Car radio repair can be very easy or very hard depending on the radio and the problem. Before you invest a lot of money in a repair, take a look at this list to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

    Background Noise Only When Car Is On

    This could be caused by ignition noise being picked up through the radio’s power connection. This can be fixed by installing a simple noise filter. Usually this is something that can be dealt with on your own. Any store that specializes in car audio will have these parts and instructions on how to install them for your specific radio and car.

    Distorted Sound at High Volumes

    This is usually caused when the wattage of the radio is not high enough to drive the speakers. You can solve this problem by either replacing the speakers with the correct ones for your radio, or adding an amplifier to your stereo system. Depending on the type of amp you choose, it can often be something you can install yourself. You can purchase a kit at any audio/video store.

    Amplifier Cuts Off after a Few Minutes

    If your amp cuts out frequently after being on for only a few minutes this could be a problem with the amp overheating, or an issue with the amp itself. First you’ll want to check to ensure that the power rating for the stereo matches the amp. If that is correct then you will need to take the car in to have the amp looked at by a professional.

    Radio Only Gets a Few Stations

    This is probably happening because there is an issue with the antenna. It’s easy to swap in a new antenna yourself. If that doesn’t work then it may be a problem with the actual radio. Take it to a service center to have it checked, and replaced if needed.