• Best Products for Car Paint Protection

    If you have made the huge investment in purchasing a new vehicle, then it also makes sense for you to consider all of the alternatives available for car paint protection. You must face the facts, especially if you live in an area where the road crews lay down a great deal of salt or sand during the winter. It is the time when much of the damage to your vehicle’s paint happens and the simple fact is that the more protection you can have on the vehicle, the better it is.

    Products for Car Paint Protection

    • Polyurethane Protectants: Commonly called NU-Finish or Armor All, these are the once-a-year auto paint protection products that you use during the spring or summer and then just retouch as the need arises. They are advertised as lasting for a full year, although it is doubtful that any product can last a full year unless it is a paint-style product. This type of protectant is a chemical-style sealant that actually seals the paint and, unless something breaks that seal, keeps the vehicle’s paint in good condition. You must remember to follow up with “booster shots” during the year.
    • Standard Waxes and Polishes: With so many standard waxes and polishes available it is hard to know which one to purchase. Some guides suggest Turtle products while others suggest using Meguiars products, and still others fall back on the old faithful, Simonize. Which one is the best car paint polish and wax depends on the car’s body as well the weather conditions you live in.
    • Simonize and Wheel protection: The old standby in the car business is a good Simonize job for car paint protection and, if it is done correctly, you will have protection for a year or more. If it is not done correctly, you might as well take kitchen soap and suds up the car and call it clean. The same is true of wheel protection. Due to the proliferation of painted aluminum or brushed aluminum wheels that require special care, it’s a good idea to pick up the protectant recommended for your car’s wheels. So keep them sealed, especially in climates where lots of sand and salt are used.

    Proper Usage

    Obtain a complete system such as that offered by Meguiars that offers not only a light car wash and tree sap remover, but then moves on to providing interior protection to all exposed leather and/or vinyl surfaces. With these completed, treat your wheels and tires to a good seal and, finally, protect the whole vehicle with the system’s polymer protectants. Be sure to do this work in the shade as it makes the metal cooler to work with and prevents drying too quickly during application of the product. Once you have finished, spray down your vehicle and then use a chamois cloth to dry and polish it so that it will remain clean. Don’t forget to do the windows and change the wiper blades while doing this, because it is likely time for them to be replaced, too.