• Best Auto Repair Software

    The auto repair software constellation is broad and highly-subjective in terms of identifying the right fit for a particular business customer. Depending on whether an application is focused on general automotive management or direct automotive repair processes, the options can be overwhelming.

    To produce some semblance of organization of the hundreds of available applications, and allow the reader to quickly review two of the top providers based on operational focus and purchase requirements, we have broken the general automotive industry segment down into two sections, Automotive Management and Automotive Repair, further broken down in this article by provider.

    While the two providers listed are two of the most popular choices available, this article will allow the reader to establish an initial set of options that will lead to the right decision for each automotive customer.


    Mitchell1 Automotive Software (MAS) offers a group of standalone, or online systems for both the management of repair operations as well as for the direct repair industry. The Mitchell1 system called OnDemand5 and OnDemand5.com is based on a modular approach offering many different operational capabilities.

    Mitchell1’s repair operations management system offers capabilities such as: Integrated operation, access to TSBs, scheduled services, parts management, labor and repair information, cost margin management, invoicing and more. It is offered via DVD or online at Demand5.com and costs $209 per month after an initial cost of $99.

    Mitchell1’s system for the direct repair industry is very similar and also available via DVD or Demand5.com. It costs $289 per month with an initial cost of $99 and offers capabilities such as: Repair information, TSBs, recall notices, maintenance requirements, part prices, labor times, vintage vehicle information, and fluid types and volumes.

    To contact Mitchell1 please go to http://www.mitchell1.com.


    AllData offers software services including a set of integrated, standalone modules for management of repair operations and the direct repair industry.

    AllData’s repair operation management system offers operational capabilities such as: Automated price matrices, recommended and previously declined credits, quick estimates based on services, inventory and profit analysis, parts estimating, online parts ordering, Quickbooks integration, and fast and easy service write-ups. This system is available via DVD or can be accessed online at Alldata.com and costs $1500.

    AllData’s direct repair industry system is similar. It offers capabilities such as: Quick and intuitive navigation, year-make-model-engine selections on one page, fast and easy component search features, daily updates of TSBs and recall notices, OEM wiring diagrams including connector, ground and splice information, maintenance tables, parts and labor information, automatic information updates and professional technical support available 6 days a week. This system is available via DVD or through AllData.com and costs $1500.

    To contact AllData please go to http://www.alldata.com.