• Auto Tools Needed for Proper Radiator Repair

    There are all kinds of radiator repair tasks ranging from a simple seal job to complete replacement of the radiator. If you’re going to undertake a radiator repair, there are certain auto tools you’re going to need in order to complete the job. Some tools might be in your garage already although you’ll probably need to buy others to complete every conceivable radiator-related task. These tools are worth buying if you are likely to undertake regular radiator repair work over an extended period of time.

    Drain Pan

    A drain pan is a very basic tool to have around for a number of auto-related jobs but it’s absolutely vital for radiator repair. In many instances, you’ll need to drain the radiator of coolant in order to carry out a proper repair or to replace the entire radiator. The coolant must be drained into a pan. You can’t leave it to soak into the ground as it is toxic and will eventually reach the groundwater.

    Similarly, you will need seal containers so you can dispose of old coolant carefully and responsibly. There will be a number of places in most cities where old coolant can be disposed off such as mechanical workshops or waste recycling centers.


    A full set of metric and non-metric sockets will be necessary for you to undertake proper radiator repairs. There will be different types of sockets and you should also have sets in two different drive sizes consisting of ¼ inch drive and ½ inch drive. You will most likely have at least one of these anyway but consider purchasing two relevant sets in the correct drive sizes for ease of use..

    The correct tools are an investment for any kind of auto repair work and are not especially expensive. With the right socket sets, you’ll be able to carry out pretty much every auto-related task as well as being able to reach virtually anywhere you need to on a car.


    You should have several different sets of pliers and channel locks available including a pair of vise grips. You’ll be needing these for most kinds of auto repairs but they’ll be especially useful when you have to take out the entire radiator.


    Screwdrivers are important for unscrewing the clamps running to the radiator at the top and bottom hoses.

    Pressure Tester

    The only thing you’re likely to use a pressure tester for is to test the pressure of the cooling system. You can buy a specific tester for radiator use on your own vehicle model or a comprehensive pressure testing kit that has adapters to fit all different makes of automobile.

    The kit is a better bargain unless you own something like a classic car and will only be using it on that particular model. If you do a lot of work on cars, a pressure tester kit can be a valuable investment.

    Spare Expansion Tank

    To work on a radiator repair, it’s a good idea to have an expansion tank for the vehicle handy. These are made of plastic and can crack or develop leaks. If this happens, you’ll need to replace it immediately. Replacement is a simple job although you do need to drain the coolant first.