• Auto Body Tools Needed for Proper Body Restoration

    If you are interested in proper auto body restoration, there are a certain number of essential auto body tools required. Each auto body repair shop is different in terms of service, the amount of time they put into each car, and what types of repairs they specialize in. However, home auto body rebuilders can also set up a well outfitted auto body shop with a few essential auto body tools. Below is a list of auto body supplies that are necessary in order to properly repair various auto bodies.

    Essential auto body tools and auto body supplies include:

    • Suction Cup Dent Pullers – Suction cup dent pullers are auto body tools that allow technicians to pull out large dents on flat body panel surfaces. There is no drilling or painting required, making these dent pullers the top choice with regards to labor and man hours involved to fix a dent.
    • Screw-in Dent Pullers – Screw-in dent pullers actually screw into the metal body panels and allow technicians to pull out large creases or wrinkles in flat or curved body panels. The downside to these tools are that they require drilling small holes in the body panel, putty work, and paint work.
    • Body Hammer – Body hammers are specifically shaped to be used to pound dents out from the inside of any body panel.
    • Hand Tools – A variety of hand tools including screwdrivers, socket sets, and pliers will be needed in order to remove and readjust body panels as you perform bodywork. Mac tools makes a variety of good choices.
    • Painting Supplies – While you can order pre-painted body parts, most body shops opt to paint their own as a way to cut costs and most closely match existing paint jobs. Some of the essential tools will be compressor and paint gun, mixing cans, and the paint itself.

    Many shops are outfitted with a number of other types of tools, however these are the main basics that will get your shop up and running quickly.