• 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions at Car Repair Shops

    Because mechanics are like doctors for cars, they are accustomed to hearing many questions, and so it is worth the effort to list those most commonly asked at car repair shops. From body shops to do-it-yourself junkyards, whoever works with or around cars and car parts has heard it all.

    Most Common Questions for Mechanics

    These are the common questionsin no particular orderthat a mechanic hears from customers regarding everything from warranties to references to auto repair manuals.

    • How much will it cost? This is probably the number one concern for anybody dropping their car off at a mechanic, whether it’s for body work or a lube job.
    • Will the warranty cover it? – Again, it’s a question of expense, but those who have warranty coverage always hope theirs will take care of everything. It’s not often though that someone has a body shop warranty that covers rogue shopping carts.
    • How soon can I get the car back? – Everybody wants speedy repair so they can get their car back ASAP, but it’s not always possible, especially when a dozen people all want it tomorrow.
    • What’s that noise? – Some people worry easily about every little noise a car makes. That is magnified if they think something is really wrong with the vehicle.
    • Do you think it could be the…? – Car repair manuals are a common purchase among car owners, especially those who like to take care of the little things. If something major happens, though, self diagnosis can be a pain. It’s painful for the driver because they might be convinced it’s one thing, and it’s painful for the mechanic because they know it could be any number of things, but they’re left easing their customer’s worried mind.
    • Does that work really need to be done? – When mechanics make recommendations, it has become a conditioned reaction to immediately assume they are trying to rip you off. Urban legends and friends’ mechanic horror stories aside, mechanics are trained to assess a car’s condition, and more often than not their recommendations are reasonable.
    • Will the car ever be the same? – This is a common question for body shop mechanics, as they constantly are challenged with repairing the outsides of cars. For especially bad wrecks, it’s natural to think your car may never look the same, but you might be surprised what a mechanic can do with a little Bondo, a dent hammer and a lot of specialized equipment.
    • Can you offer a second opinion? – This question is for consumers shopping around. Perhaps they went to one mechanic, and after consulting with friends or the Internet, decided that the quote was a bit too high. Now they have a mind to find a better deal somewhere elseor maybe prove that the first mechanic was trying to gouge them.

    There are undoubtedly many more and even zanier questions that mechanics hear on a daily basis. Besides being amusing, they can be informative in that you get an idea for some of the questions you may want to ask, or avoid when taking your car in.