• 5 Tips for Successful Car Paint Removal

    There are different methods of car paint removal. If you are planning to do the job yourself you can easily remove the old car paint and then get the car repainted again. The goal is to strip the paint without damaging the car. But there are different methods of carrying out car paint stripping such as the following: 


    You can use sandblasting to remove paint off car sheet metal but the heat can cause problems. There are chances of the car panel warping under the heat, and the sand that is used during the blasting can get into each and every corner of the car causing serious problems. The process is slow but it does remove the entire paint from the car panels you have chosen. This process is ideal for large surfaces of your car. Use other techniques for smaller areas of your car to get better results. There are two different types of sand blasters: siphon feed and pressure feed, but be careful while using them. For novices, a chemical paint remover is generally much easier to do.

    Chemical Remover

    Most people recommend chemical removers for novices, but the process will require a well ventilated location. Please remember that you will have to apply several coats to get the entire paint layers off your car. The chemical drips all over the floor and the fumes can be dangerous. The process does work though.

    Drill Based Paint Strippers

    You can strip car paint by using drill based paint strippers. These are supposed to be attached to your drill or your stripping machine. Make sure that you have an average speed of 3500 rpm or you could end up damaging the metal underneath. Another attachment that you will find in hardware stores that works just as well to strip paint is a flap disk. These discs have several overlapping layers of sandpaper that work to remove the paint from the car. Each disc is given a rating and it is recommended that you start with a worn 60 grit and then work your way higher to remove the layers of paint.

    Acid Dunking

    This process involves putting your car in a tank of acid to get the initial layers of paint off. The process can be expensive and you will have to dismantle the car completely before it can be dunked. Not really recommended unless you are planning on going this far anyway.

    Wire Brushing

    This process involves the use of a wire brush attachment to the stripper. The process is fast but the wire brush cannot get under primer paint. Use it on heavy paints like the undercarriage and the frame to clean it of surface dust and tar.

    Important Note

    Please be very careful when you are using paint strippers. The dust and the grit can fly about your garage causing serious damage to eyes and lungs. Make sure that you use a respirator and proper eye protection to prevent inhaling lead based paints. You may also have to use ear protectors. Ensure that you take a bath immediately after using chemical strippers and do not get any of the chemical on your skin.