• 5 Piston Repair Basics

    Here are some tips to help you with your vehicle piston repairs. If you don’t want to take your vehicle in to a professional technician, you can attempt to make the repairs yourself. The following are some piston repair basics that will assist you along the way, should you decide to do them yourself.

    1. Raise the Car: If you are going to work on the brakes, be sure to raise the car on an even surface. Don’t move under the car yourself if you are not certain the vehicle will not topple down. If you don’t have two separate jacks, you can lift one side and work, and then move to the other side when you are finished.
    2. Clean Calipers: Clips of the brake pistons are kept in place by retainer grips. These can be removed when you have to make repairs. Brake pads can be worn down a great deal and they will need to be taken off from the calipers. Pressure will have to be placed on the calipers after the pads have been removed. This is the most opportune time to clean your calipers, so you will be able to get this done before you repair your brake system. 
    3. Use Pin to Still the Pistons: When you hold the pistons you will need to use a specialized tool to do this with. There are pins that can keep them still. It is necessary to keep them all together while this is going on. There is a seal available that fits to the pistons themselves. There are many times when people assume that their pistons are broken. People discover that by cleaning them, their piston are instantly fixed.
    4. Use Rubber Piece to Seal: If you cleaned your pistons and they are not fixed, then you should proceed to using your repair kit to fix them. A rubber piece is included in the kit, and this can help seal problems that are found on them.
    5. Refer to Your Owner’s Manual: The piston on your vehicle could have changed since the previous year’s model. Some tips are wider than others and leaks can be spotted if the rubber sealant you used in the kit does not fit. By checking the owner’s manual, you will be able to go back and correct the errors you made during the process. Another tip would be to purchase a new rod bearing, because once you place the piston back on this is what keeps it in place.