• Where to Get the Cheapest Military Automobile Insurance

    When you require military automobile insurance, it is prudent to do what you can to get the cheapest premium possible. Being aware of what is necessary to obtain this will ensure you get the best deal.


    No matter what branch of the military you are in, it is worthwhile contacting your employers to determine whether they have contact details for relevant insurers. In the event of there being insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage for military personnel, they will be best placed to provide this information. Similarly, they will be able to confirm what insurers will be able to provide a discount on military automobile insurance.


    Many mainstream motor insurance companies may offer a discount to military personnel, so ensure you make them aware of your work status when you contact them. Using price comparison websites will be helpful in this regard. Although you may be able to obtain a quote for military automobile insurance via online forms, you may find these limited and may not ask your profession. To make sure the insurance companies are aware you are a member of the military, you may find it prudent to contact the insurers by telephone. Not all insurance companies will act in a uniform manner when it comes to the discount they offer, so you need to shop around to ensure you get the cheapest premium.   


    A broker can be used as an agent to obtain military car insurance. They are in an ideal position to identify which insurers will offer low cost military insurance and where to find the best possible deal.

    The broker will also be able to provide advice prior to obtaining quotes to let you know what sort of discount you can expect, which can differ according to whether you are a currently serving member of the military, retired or a family member of someone in the military. You should be prepared to give the insurance broker full details about the relevant military career, which will need to be passed to the insurance company.  

    Direct Insurance Companies

    Besides using price comparison websites, you will also be able to contact insurance companies directly to determine whether they offer military automobile insurance. This will enable you to concentrate on insurance companies that are known for offering discounts to military personnel, such as GEICO and USAA. The former has a team dedicated to handling queries from military personnel who can assist you in finding the best deal, but only operate in certain states. USAA is the leading provider of auto insurance for the military and will be able to provide a great deal.     


    Do not make the mistake of assuming that all the insurance companies will offer the same terms and conditions for the military automobile insurance policies. Determine whether the coverage and extras from some insurers will be better than others rather than only considering the premium. For example, Esurance is an insurance company that will offer a discount on the storage fees that will be incurred for your car when you are stationed overseas.