• Split Limit Liability: 4 Tips for Getting the Best Rate

    For those looking at the forest of auto insurance fees and premium amounts on their auto insurance bill, split limit liability may be a big consideration. Here are some ways to make this standard part of an auto policy work in your favor.

    1. Know Your Options – With some kinds of auto policies, instead of choosing split limit liability, a driver can choose a lump sum. This is called combined single limit liability. It may or may not be a better option. Do the math on your specific coverage to find your best rate.
    2. Dial Split Limits Up or Down – A big way to save with split limit liability is to customize your policy to your needs. Many drivers are able to save, for example, by lowering their property damage limit from something like $50,000 to $25,000. Unless you get involved in a multi-car crash, the $25,000 will go a long way.
    3. Get All of Your Insurance Info Together – Just like with buying any kind of insurance, to get the best rates on split limit liability auto, you need to know what you are eligible for. Have your credit score handy and advocate for yourself, letting insurance reps know you deserve good rates on your insurance premium.
    4. Shop Around – Different auto insurers may value your record differently, and some of them may be more disposed to working with you on crafting split limit liability. Get to know who’s willing to play ball, and who isn’t, and steer towards insurers you can rely on for the best rates around.

    Let the above serve as part of a strategy for getting fair rates on split limit liability auto insurance.