• Roadside Assistance Insurance: A Definition

    Some drivers may be wondering whether it’s worth it to look into purchasing roadside assistance insurance. This kind of coverage may or may not be useful to a driver or household, and there are different ways to go about getting it.

    What is Roadside Assistance Insurance?

    Among all of the auto insurance options companies offer to drivers, roadside assistance is a special kind of auto insurance coverage that provides for a situation where a driver breaks down on the road. This kind of coverage can take several forms. It is generally thought of as a conventional insurance policy product added by an insurer, but some also consider a AAA club policy or similar membership as “roadside assistance insurance.”

    Getting oadside assistance insurance

    Lots of common auto insurance provides will allow a driver to simply add a roadside assistance “rider” that covers towing, rental car costs and more. In fact, insurers may routinely add this coverage to a policy, whether you want it or not! In this case, think about whether you want to keep the insurer’s policy option, or whether you want to get AAA and cancel the roadside assistance clause in your policy.

    A consideration on what kind of roadside assistance coverage to get

    One additional thought on getting this kind of coverage relates to the actual use of an auto insurance policy. Lots of drivers are reporting that any kind of random entry in a claims database can jack up insurance rates. Going through an auto club like AAA helps drivers to avoid having to seek compensation for roadside assistance from the insurer. AAA has a great reputation as a trustworthy roadside assistance provider and may represent the best option for a lot of families.