• How to Get the Best Rate for Car Repair Insurance

    Car repair insurance can help you save a lot of money on needed car repairs and parts used in those repairs. There are many companies that provide car repair insurance in the form of extended warranties and mechanical breakdown insurance policies. However, just as with any other type of insurance, you should never pay too much.

    Finding the Best Deals on Car Repair Insurance

    If you need an extended warranty for your vehicle, you should visit websites like Carchex and Warranty Direct. These are two of the most respected extended warranty companies and both provide excellent rates on different types of extended warranty contracts. You can visit the websites of these companies, compare prices between different plans and options for extended warranties, and then choose a plan that best fits your coverage needs and budget.

    Generally speaking, you’ll probably be able to get the best deal on mechanical breakdown insurance from your current car insurance company. This type of coverage is usually an add-on to standard car insurance policies, and your current insurance companies may give you a discount for adding the coverage.

    Consider AAA

    If you’re an AAA member, you should check to see if the AAA association or club in your state offers extended warranty protection. Many state-level AAA clubs offer some of the best extended warranty plans available anywhere and have very competitive rates as well. AAA allows provides easy payment options for AAA membersyou can even choose to make easy monthly installment payments for your extended warranty plan.