• How to Get the Best Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

    Getting Arizona auto insurance quotes is not difficult, especially in the age of information technology. Many car insurance companies have both a “physical” presence, that is a physical location with customer representatives available to answer questions in person and via telephone and a “virtual” presence on the Internet with an interactive website.

    Step #1: Determine the State’s Insurance Requirements

    Each state maintains particular insurance requirements. Insurance requirements vary from state to state. Arizona state law requires the minimum limit coverage for Bodily Injury at $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident with a $10,000 minimum limit of coverage for Property Damage.

    The Bodily Injury coverage does not cover your medical expenses, but the bodily injury to others for which you have become legally responsible for due to a car accident. Your medical expenses are covered by Medical Payments coverage you have purchased under your auto insurance policy as an option.

    The Property Damage part of the car insurance policy covers the damage you may have done to another’s vehicle or property. You will have to purchase Collision coverage (optional) in order to have your car repaired or replaced after a collision with another vehicle or property, or if your car overturns in an accident. Comprehensive coverage (optional) can be purchased to cover theft, vandalism or any other damage caused by an act of nature.

    Step #2: Determine if you Wish to Purchase Optional Coverages

    Since the minimal mandatory coverage only includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage, you may wish to decide if you need to purchase any options. They include the Collision, Comprehensive and Medical Payments listed above. However, another option worth considering is the purchase of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

    Uninsured Motorist coverage covers the cost for bodily injury of you and your passengers in an accident involving an uninsured driver (with no liability coverage). This includes drivers from out of state or even out of the country. Underinsured Motorist coverage also covers medical expenses (up to the limit purchased) for bodily injury to your or your passengers in the event the other driver involved in the accident has insufficient liability to cover medical expenses. Arizona traffic laws do not require these coverages.

    Step #3: Answer the Questionnaire

    If you are purchasing your insurance via telephone, the customer service representative will assist you in answering the pertinent questions for your price quote. However, if you are using an interactive questionnaire, read the questions carefully and answer them fully. Take care to use the same information for each insurance quote so the insurance quotes received are comparable. Sometimes the questionnaire will ask for Arizona driver history. Be sure to have that readily available so as not to have the questionnaire “time out” in waiting for your answers.

    Step #4: Compare your Insurance Quotes

    Compare all insurance quotes and verify all of the same answers and coverages existed during each search. Make sure you have included any optional coverages in all of the quotes. Pick the most affordable one for your budget with the best options possible.

    In the event you are unable to purchase insurance due to any previous traffic violations, insurance cancellations or license restrictions, you may purchase insurance form the Arizona Automobile Insurance Plan by contacting any licensed insurance agent or provider or at http://www.aipso.com/AZ.